Our mission is to empower organizations to perform at their best. How leaders build their teams means the difference between success and failure.  At the foundation of any journey towards greatness, organizations need the right teams in place, engaged and ready to contribute. At Alacris Talent Solutions, we help our clients align their business strategy to their people strategy, and create magical teams. 


Alacris Talent Solutions is a Talent Optimization consulting firm with expertise in helping clients intentionally, consistently and strategically design teams that serve their business strategy.  We partner with the Predictive Index to pull together business strategy and people data, such as behavioral drives and needs, engagement and performance metrics.  Using this objective  data, we provide customized consulting to empower our clients to hire, inspire, engage and retain the talent they need to achieve greatness.


Alacris Talent Solutions is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization provider.

Allison Shaw
Founder & CEO
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For nearly 20 years, Allison has helped organizations and their people succeed.  With Human Resources Leadership experience in a variety of industries, Allison's passion for organizational success through people solutions has been demonstrated by many achievements throughout her career including:

  • Leading the implementation process of the Predictive Index as an HR Practitioner

  • Core Values redesign and culture change leadership

  • Design and execution of leadership training and development programs

  • Creation  of talent performance and potential programs

Allison become a Predictive Index Certified Partner and Certified Talent Optimization Consultant in 2019.  


Curious about how to gain valuable business insights from people data?


Take a free Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment to learn more.

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